Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Lil BFF

For all the lamenting I do about my crazy kid, in all truth, he really is my best friend. He's not very mature, likes any joke that has "butt " or "fart" in it, and is a very messy roommate but he's my guy. I often find myself wishing he had email at school so I could tell him things through out the day. Unlike my other ADULT best friend, we aren't in constant communication.

Like today for example. I finally got to the bank to bring in the change Ben and I had been saving since September when we decided we were definitely going somewhere for Spring Break. It was in a big glass vase and I remember putting in quite a few quarters so I was pretty convinced that it would be close to $100 and we could use the money for fun on our trip.
As the teller was putting all those coins in the change counter, I was day dreaming of all the lovely things we can buy at the airport and at the Space Needle gift store with our huge loot.
When the teller came back and said "That came to $41.37." I couldn't stop laughing. Hell that won't even pay for the parking at the airport! When I got back to the car, all I wanted to do was to call or email Ben and tell him.

I picked him up from his friend's house (the little guy seriously has a million friends, but that's a post for another time) and said "I took the change in. Guess how much it was?"

Ben: 20 bucks?

Me: No! Only $41.37

Ben: WOW! That's a lot!

Me: It is??

Ben: Yeah, in my standards. Can I have 10 bucks?

Then later in the car ride he asked for some water. Since work doesn't have a water cooler (which is SERIOUSLY lame) I bring a big jug of water everyday. So I handed it to the backseat. It was pretty full. And I thought to myself "Wow, I didn't drink much today"

Only to have my short friend say "Hey you didn't drink much today!"

Me: I was JUST thinking that.

Ben: You should have drank more. Here.

and he hands it back up to me.

Ben: You are probably dehydrated. How often did you go to the bathroom today?

and then I choked on my water.

I really do love this kid.


Sheleena said...

This makes me almost tear up. He's an amazing boy Becky. Truly.

What the heck did he say on Saturday?? "Well, I'm a strange kid."

He cracks me up!

Teri said...

Love it, very cute