Thursday, March 6, 2008

Super Nanny Would Be So Proud

Recently something has shook the normally very fine balance that is the happiness and calm in our household. This is mother speak for "My kid has been a total pain in the ass lately! I would rather take a house full of sorority girls who are ALL PMSing than another day with this skinny sassy mouthed 7 year old."

In fact last Thursday night, ended with a lovely open dialouge between mother and son that went something like this:
mother: seriously, if I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME to brush your teeth and get to bed....
mother: Oh I will TALK to you. I'm your mother! You do not talk to ME like that.
boy: I HATE YOU! You are the meanest Mom in the whole world.
mother: (muttering under her breath) yeah well you ain't a picnic tonight either Hot Shot
mother: Nothing! Go to BED!
boy: I WANT A NEW MOM!!!
mother: (more muttering) good luck with that bucko!

You know, it's weird but I swear I don't remember the Walton's having these conversations. Maybe I missed it while I was in the kitchen getting a snack. I bet it was right before the "Goodnight John Boy... Goodnight Sue Ellen..."

I was not only sick to my stomach and feeling very guiilty about my not so mature behavior, but I knew this had to end.
I mean I don't totally blame the kid. We are all out of our minds sick of winter. Yeah, I'm blaming this on the Winter From Hell. [refer to blog below] Hey it's either that or Bush and believe it or not, I'm actually sick of blaming him for all my woes. Time to piss on Mother Nature a little bit.

Therefore last night Friday, after yet another LOVELY morning, I gritted my teeth and said "Things are going to change around here, Mister! Oh yes they are!"
That day at work, I made a "chore chart" for my little whipper snapper. It's complete with days of the week on the top, chores to the left and "X"s in each box to mark what needs to be done when.

Well I'm telling you, if I knew that all I had to do was whip up an excel spreadsheet to restore order in my home, I would have done this long ago. I think the boy just needed some structure. The kid took to this chart like a bee to honey. In fact Friday night he went right to work. He posted this on his door, and continues to check it regularly. He even CLEANED THE TOILET on Saturday morning. Really. I couldn't make that up if I tried.
So needless to say I'm sticking with the chart. I'm in love with the chart. If it was legal to marry the chart, I would.

In fact I think I'll use this for him for the rest of his life and even give a copy to his wife.

I can just hear the Super Nanny grinning and saying "Well dune to the pair ov you!"

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Sheleena said...

Hey Myrtle! Glad your little whipper snapper likes it :)