Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Ultimate Peep Show

Those who know me know how much I love Peeps. Since we never did Easter as a kid and since my birthday is always close to Easter, Peeps always remind me of Spring and yes, my birthday. So this was particularly funny to me. (Thanks Joe and Laura and Jenn - who all sent this to me. On separate occasions. Hmmm, is that a sign? Should I perhaps shut up about my love of The Peeps?)

On another non-related note, I got THE MOST KICK ASS digital camera for my birthday from my parents! I was a film girl until just a few days ago. Therefore this is an official WARNING!
The Internets will never be the same and neither will this blog.
"Oh. Ben looks so cute just sitting there on the couch" SNAP
"Wow, has there ever been such a large pile of laundry in one dwelling? A small child could rock climb this mountain of dirty clothes!" SNAP
"Aw, pretty plant." SNAP
"These shoes are so cute!!! I have to show EVERYONE!" SNAP
"When Ben has kids they will never believe their father's room was this messy..." SNAP
Folks, this could get ugly and painfully boring so just bear with me and my new love during this honeymoon stage. I'll try to keep it under control but I really can't promise anything.

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