Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Barely Had Time For This Post

Is it me or does it seem like there just isn't a spare moment in the day anymore? Everyone seems to be so busy all the time. Even my parents joked last night that Ben is going to have to pencil in time for them since even he is so busy these days.

There is always something to do, somewhere to go, laundry to do, soccer practices to get to, bills to pay, children to bathe, birthday parties to attend, workouts to get in (listen to me. Ha! Those are always the first to get pushed aside) and more laundry to do. It's exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I'm really not complaining. I have a great life but a breather here or there wouldn't be so bad. Right?

And also, whoever took April, please give it back. How is April already over? Am I Rip Van Winkle and I slept through an entire month? Yoo Hoo! April? Where ARE you???
Could someone please explain how it is possible that my son is going to be 8 this month?!? The sheer idea makes me queasy. I swear last week he was 4.

My cousin Amy is planning a trip out here this summer and when we were trying to find time on the calendar for her to come out, it was not an easy task. "Well, we have baseball then and camp then and going to camping with so and so then…"

Maybe I'm just feeling this way lately because spring is finally here, summer is coming and the activities are upon us. Gone are the days of winter hibernation and hunkering down. (again, not complaining - although it's really starting to look that way huh?)

Also, I recently watched Into the Wild - which is a true story about a young guy who gives up everything to live off the land. He has no car, no money, just the belongings on his back. Granted there wasn't a happy ending to this adventure, but there is something so romantic about that notion. Being on your own schedule, doing your own thing when you want and where you want, going wherever the road takes you. Not having to answer the phone or email. Sigh. Heaven right?
Eh, who am I kidding?! I would last 1 week without a shower, my computer, getting my nails done and a really good Mexican meal. Yeah, I know. Make that 3 days. Fine, 2!

I think I just need a weekend with nothing to do and no plans. I think I could pencil that in. Hmmm, I could do that… um, October 11th looks clear.

Or perhaps I could come down with the mysterious SATC Flu. It's a very serious ailment. The only known cure is to sit down to watch back to back episodes of Sex And The City while eating copious amounts Ben and Jerry's. Any flavor will do.

Hey, I'm basically a doctor. Trust me.

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Anonymous said...

BECKY!!!!!!!!!!! i feel the SAME way! i was looking through my planner this weekend and i have something EVERY weekend from now through August! oh my it is going to be a long summer! hopefully the memories will all make it worth it