Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mudders Day!

The boy lays his head in his mother's lap while she strokes his hair.

"Do you love me Mommy?"
"Ooh that's a tough one. Hmmm. (she laughs) Yes I love you. More than anything."
"Do you like me too?"
"Yes. Very much. You are my best friend."
"I don't love or like you."

The mother fakes shock with a sharp intake of breath

"Don't you mean May Fools?"
"I love you Mommy. So much I can't stand it."

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.

I know mine will be great. Just because of him.


the mama bird diaries said...

Have a wonderful mother's day!

Shannon said...

What a sweet boy you have...Happy Mother's Day to you!

The Foval Girls said...

Thank you for having us last night! We had a great time and enjoyed your cooking too! Hope you had a joyous Mother's Day! Love ya, Em

Marketing Mama said...

Adorable!!! Happy Mother's Day! :)

Jennifer said...

So, so sweet. Aww.

Happy Mother's Day!