Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kids Get It. Why Can't The Rest of America?

On the way to our friends house for dinner, Stella called to find out if we were on our way.
After I got off the phone with her, I said to Ben, "That was Stella. She's so darn cute. I love her."

To which he replied in all his 8 year old cockiness, "Well then why don't you marry her?"
"Well for one, she's my friend. Secondly, she's too young for me and third, she's a girl. So legally I can't marry her, even if I wanted to."
"Why not?"
"Because President Bush and his people say it's illegal for boys to marry boys and girls to marry girls."
"You mean like when people are gay?"
"Yep. Like Jason and Joe."
"Yes honey."
"Yeah, I'm sure they do."
"Wow! I didn't know they were gay. "
"I thought you knew that. Does it bother you?"

Ben sits and stares out the window for awhile taking this all in.

Then he says in a very serious voice. "No. I don't care. I think it's dumb that they can't get married though."
"Me too. It's SO DUMB and sad. Makes me mad."
"Hey Mom? When Bush isn't the president anymore, can they?"
"Oh I hope so honey."
"Like when Obama is President?"
"Yes. Like then."


Anonymous said...

That is too cute! He is such a smart kid.

Jennifer said...

*sigh* is right.

I LOVE this conversation with your boy! Love it and love his sweet mind. Kids DO get it. WTF is with the rest of the country??

p.s. I love that you blamed B*sh. We blame him for everything around here. Hee!

Jennifer said...

p.p.s. Sorry for swearing on your blog, even in text code. ;)