Thursday, June 26, 2008

100 Things About Me

In the spirit of already hitting my 100th post, and totally copying my cute cousin Amy, I decided to post 100 things about me.

Please note you don't have to read through the entire list. But if you do I'll know you are a REALLY good person and I will give you a cookie!

These are in no particular order. YOU try 1) coming up with 100 things about yourself and then 2) putting them in some sort of order.

  1. I am the youngest of three.
  2. and I totally act like the baby of the family.
  3. I love being a mom.

  4. I always secretly knew I would do this on my own and I love it.
  5. But I don't think I want any more kids.

  6. For the first time in my life I am truly happy being single. I need a man like I need a hole in the head.

  7. But I do want to get married, someday.

  8. I'm a raging Democrat who loves Barack Obama.

  9. I love chilled white wine.

  10. I don't like red wine and it really doesn't like me.

  11. I love VERY dirty martinis.

  12. I love my job.
  13. I love my cousin Amy like a sister.

  14. I am deathly afraid of bats which has also made me hate birds. Or really any thing with wings.

  15. I like really bad TV. Especially bad reality TV.

  16. I love summer in Madison.

  17. My friends are everything to me.

  18. And I would do ANYTHING for them.

  19. But Ben is my best friend and my favorite person.

  20. My parents are my heroes and I love them, maybe too much.

  21. Mexican is my favorite type of food.

  22. I'm an Aries but I don't believe in Astrology.

  23. I am Jewish but not religious.

  24. I do, however, believe in God.

  25. Scientology scares the shit out of me.

  26. I love going to pools and don't care what I look like in my swim suit.
  27. But take me to a hip bar and I can be very insecure.

  28. I sneeze really loud.

  29. I love deviled eggs.

  30. I am the queen of deals, coupons and sales.

  31. I have never done drugs. Other than smoked pot once, which was NOT a good idea.

  32. I don't smoke and hate cigarettes.

  33. I feel bad for smokers and my friends that smoke because I really don't think they can quit.

  34. I am blessed that I sleep like a rock.

  35. I love naps.

  36. My bed is my favorite thing in my apartment.

  37. I love my apartment but I do want a house in the near future.

  38. I am left handed.

  39. I like the idea of having my hair long but I can't stand it when it's long.

  40. I love my hair dark and don't miss the blonde. At all.

  41. But I can't believe I'm going gray.

  42. The number one thing I worry about is money.

  43. I love purses.

  44. and I love shoes.

  45. I have too many purses and shoes.

  46. My favorite pop is Coke Zero.

  47. I call it "pop" and not "soda".

  48. My brother and sister are actually my half brother and sister.

  49. My middle name is Elizabeth.

  50. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  51. Christmas is second.

  52. I think Dr. Suess should write a book called "The Jew Who Loved Christmas" starring me.
  53. I love to throw parties.
  54. I love going to parties.

  55. I love to cook and wish Ben would eat things other than cheese pizza and cereal so I could cook more.

  56. Pink is my favorite color.

  57. If Ben was a girl he would have been named Anna, after my grandmother.

  58. My uncle Bob is one of the coolest and most generous people I know.

  59. I can be incredibly lazy.

  60. But I need to have a lot of plans on the weekends.

  61. I hate making Ben's lunches.

  62. I like doing laundry but hate folding clothes.

  63. My bathrooms are a mess.

  64. I really hate to clean but love a clean house.

  65. I love email.
  66. I can type fast.

  67. I am a great friend.

  68. I am honest.

  69. I like making people laugh.

  70. I hated Middle school and dread that Ben has to go in three years.

  71. I want a Golden Retriever puppy.

  72. and yes I know how much work they are. Thanks.

  73. I love Seattle.

  74. I also love Washington D.C.

  75. I wish I could travel more.

  76. I wish I could play golf.

  77. I have always wanted to be a runner.

  78. Someday I will.

  79. I love junk food. Especially Taco Bell.

  80. And doughnuts. I love doughnuts.

  81. But my biggest weakness is ice cream.

  82. I hate going to the dentist.

  83. Even though I have never had a cavity.

  84. My teeth are very white and it's not on accident.

  85. I'm obsessed with people's teeth.

  86. It's the first thing I notice about a person. After their eyes.

  87. I don't feel or act like I'm 36.

  88. I am a sun worshipper. But I do now wear sunscreen.

  89. I love the smell of summer Ben. It's a mix of sunscreen and chlorine from the pool.

  90. I love coffee with tons of Coffee Mate French Vanilla Sugar Free creamer in it.

  91. I can't sleep without a fan.

  92. I hate being hot.

  93. But I love sweating while working out or at the pool.

  94. I love ice water.

  95. I'm always thirsty.

  96. and no I don't have diabetes.

  97. I love Netflix.
  98. I am blessed by my wonderful family and friends.
  99. I have found in the past 6 months, I love to write.

  100. and finally, I love this blog. Much more than I ever thought I would.


amy said...

You are so cute, Tammy Lou. I even learned some stuff about you I didn't know! Go figure... I think my fave, though, is #53. You're a truly good egg, Sister.

amy said...

Wait... My fave is #52, but I do like #53, too. Let's throw one when I come visit!

Shannon said...

Chocolate chip, please.

Marketing Mama said...

Hey Lefty - love your list! :)

You would totally judge me on my teeth - diet coke (and past smoking) have taken their toll. I used to love netflix, until now when they are taking away the 'profiles' function, which is going to make my husband and I share our lists... which is sad.

Anyhow, I love your blog, too! Did you know I did the 100 things, too? I have a little button on the right-side of my blog that links to it. You can use my picture if you want and do the same thing so all new visitors to your blog can visit your list! :)

Becky said...

Shannon, your cookie is in the mail.

Missy, thanks for the idea and the picture.

Amy, MUAH!

Amy said...

#84 made me laugh. I lost my job eight weeks ago and lost my heath/dental insurance at the end of May. I quickly evaluated the most important things and scheduled a dentist appointment to get my teeth whitened before my insurance ran out! Vain? Oh yeah, but my teeth look awesome! :)

the mama bird diaries said...

Happy 100th post. You love ice water? I can't stand it. I spend my life saying, a glass of water with no ice please and they STILL bring me ice water. You are a lucky girl. :)