Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure This Is How Tiger Woods Was Raised

On Father's Day, Ben and I went over to my parents for a good old fashioned cook out. Beer brats, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon and ice cream.

Afterwards my mom and I were in such a food coma we actually sat in the living room with the old man to watch golf. Yes. You read that correctly. My mother and I watched golf. Bless my dad's heart as he tried to make it as exciting as possible for us. Little did he know we could have watched The Paint Is Drying channel and been happy campers. A food coma and vowing to never eat anything again for the rest of your life will render you helpless and at the mercy of such boring things as golf.

At one point, I sort of came to, and mumbled, "Wow. Mom. We are watching golf! It must be Father's Day."

Ben chimed in and said "I have watched golf before."
I said "Oh really honey? With Grandpa sometime huh?"

"Yeah. And then one time at home when there was nothing else on TV and you were taking a nap."
Oh. Yes. Ha ha. One of those days.

I'm anxiously waiting by the phone for Parents magazine to call and ask me to do a never ending series on parenting. The classy way.


zeghsy said...

honestly, i like watching tiger play. no one else really. just tiger. no it has nothing to do with how good he looks... what are you even talking about?

Becky said...

Hi Zeghsy,
I wasn't ripping on Tiger Woods. I actually really like him. I was ripping on my parenting skills and how I nap while my kid is forced to watch golf on TV.

Get it? Funny now?

Jennifer said...

Watching golf with Dad is a true sign of a loving daughter. Paint drying might be more entertaining!

(Except yes, Tiger Woods = yummy!)

Anonymous said...

I've actually started to get into watching big golf tournaments like the US Open and Tiger is an amazing player. You could sit your kids in front of worse things I"m sure. :)