Monday, March 24, 2008

1 Year Closer to 40

Another birthday has come and gone. And what a fine one it was.

Saturday night I had dinner out with great girlfriends at my latest favorite restaurant.

Then we moseyed (I guess when you are this old you mosey places) to another fun party at a bar downtown with old friends and new.

This guy was new.

So was this one.

Oh and here's another new one. This one was REALLY weird too. Came up to our table, said hello and then asked us all what our favorite temperature was. Then he asked another friend of mine if she liked to canoe. That's why Richelle looks so pleased to have her picture taken with this odd fellow.

I guess this is the face you make when you turn 36.

OMG! How old am I now?

Finally yesterday my loving parents threw me a family birthday party on my actual day of birth.

As you can see, they think of me as a very serious and mature woman.

Yep. You read the cake decoration right. It does say "Barbie" and it rocks!!!

So thanks 35 for keeping me company for 365 days but I'm ready to see what 36 has in store.


Anonymous said...

i had a great time helping you celebrate this year! have a good week

Jennifer said...

LOVE the cake! Happy Birthday!