Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For Josh's Sake

I have terrible luck with men. Really, it's just… bad! I seem to have a knack at picking the crazies, narcissists or the ones who are scared by their own shadow. And it seems as if the past six months have been particularly unlucky. Or maybe I'm just seeing this through the eyes of Josh.

Josh is my co-worker. Actually to call him my "co-worker" is putting it mildly. More accurately, Josh = my work. We sit in a fairly small office, and it's just the two of us in there. In fact it's just the two of us in this whole small department. If he is gone, I'm alone. Yes there are other people in the building but those are just "Hi, how are you?" people. You get the idea.
Luckily we get along great even though we really have nothing in common. Besides our differences on religion, politics and Global Warming (which I have now forbid us to talk about) our love lives couldn't be more different. Josh married his high school sweetheart and other than one other girl that he dated briefly in middle school, he has had this one wonderful woman in his life for 12+ years. People, the guy is only 29.
Then there is me. I now laugh at what the Universe has doled out to me as far as my love life goes. But for Josh, watching and living through this has been a painful experience for him as the men in my life seem to come and go. Quickly.

To me, it's like a clumsy person stubbing their toe all the time. Yeah it hurts for a minute but you get over it quickly. For poor Josh, he's getting a toe amputated each time one of these so called relationships of mine fail.
This last one might have put the poor guy over the edge.

I really thought this latest guy, I'll call "Jack", might have had potential and might have lasted longer than 2 weeks. I even declared before my trip to Seattle "Josh, I think I might be officially off the market!" It was a happy time in our little office.

Until yesterday.
Josh came in Monday morning and said "So… how was the birthday party? "Jack" came right? You guys had a great night, RIGHT?!?!"

There was silence.

Josh: Becky?
Me: Um… no. He didn't show up.
Josh: WHAT? WHY?!?!
Me: Well, he said he was sick.
Josh: Oh OK. Whew.
Me: Um, but I haven't heard from him since.
Josh: Uh oh. That isn't a good sign. What did you do?
Me: HEY! I did nothing! Really! But yeah, I don't have a great feeling about it either. I'll email him and see what's going on.

3 hours later

Me: (sharp intake of breath) What!? JERK! Whatever!!!
Josh: Oh no... What?!
Me: Oh "Jack" and I are really done now.
Josh: NO!!! What happened? Are you kidding? TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!!

Like the stubbed toe, I was upset but was even starting to get over it as the end of the work day approached. At one point I looked back at Josh who was just sitting at his desk with his head in his hands. He said in an exasperated voice and almost talking to himself "I don't know what to tell you Becky. I don't know what it is. What can I do but to offer a shoulder to cry on?"

After work I went to the gym and then hung out with my cute kid to dull the pain. The pancakes I made for dinner didn't hurt things either.

Josh, on the other hand, didn't bounce back as easily from this one. This morning he came into the office and didn't say "Good morning" Didn't even say "Hi." First thing out of his mouth was "OK I have been thinking about this. The next guy you date, do the EXACT OPPOSITE of whatever you have been doing."

"OK, and what would that be?"

"I don't know. Just DO IT!"

I have a first date on Thursday night. For Josh's sake, I really hope it goes well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Becky... I am so glad that you rebound from these things a lot better than I do! And like you for Josh's sake I hope Thursday goes well for you. :)