Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday To Jew

My birthday is on Easter this year. I'm Jewish. (although I use this term to describe myself lightly as I'm about as religious as the Grinch.) Ergo, fun times had by all.

For a Jew, Easter is easily the worst holiday. Ever! Nothing is open, all your friends are with their family doing Easter things, it's on a Sunday… you get the idea. Which makes it a double whammy for me. I finally have a birthday on a weekend... a weekend day where NOTHING is going to be open. Maybe my mom and I can find a Muslim spa to get pedicures at.

Christmas, on the other hand, I actually love, celebrate and can really get behind. It's the end of the year, good tidings to all, Peace on Earth, Happy Holidays, a reason for many a party and real tree in your house with pretty lights! You bet!

But Easter? Ugh. Easter has such a religious backing to it that I can't get out of my head. I know there are many out there who are just taking down their "Keep Christ in Christmas" signs from their front yards but to me, Easter is almost scary! At least Christmas is about a cute baby. Why aren't more Christian kids scared of Easter? Is that what the Easter bunny and pretty pastel eggs are for?

If this was a Jewish holiday? OY! We would be lamenting, and fasting and praying and who knows what else. But it sure wouldn't have chocolate eggs and pretty baskets behind it.

I guess this year I'll have a different reason to celebrate Easter. My birthday. So thank goodness for my family who would normally be bored out of their minds on this day.


Jennifer said...

Happy (Almost) Birthday! The good news is that come Monday morning (Day 2 of Birthday Week is how that goes in my world) you will be able to get CHOCOLATE half price. Good chocolate. And I think biting the ear of a bunny is one way to conquer the fear, no? (Hee.)

woohoo said...

Happy Birthday! Easter birthdays do suck. I've been there, too.

PS - The Easter Bunny frightens me...