Thursday, March 20, 2008

Camp Runamukah - The Next Generation

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Camp Runamukah!

The Official Rules of Camp are as follows:
1.laugh often but not to the point of peeing in your pants (this rule doesn't apply to those campers under 2 years of age)
2. don't hit
3. go to bed late
4. get up early
5. share with others. Especially those shorter than you.
6. if you are a woman camper, eat a lot but with every bite say "Oy! I don't need this." or "wow, I can't stop eating. It's so good though. Ok, really, only one more"
7. if you are above 21 or one of our dear Israeli campers, drink as much of The Wine as you can. This helps to stay sane and dull the noise.
Other than that, Run Amuk!

Let me introduce you to some of the 2008 campers:
This is my sista from anotha motha, Amy.

Words can't describe how much I love and now miss Amy. We had such a blast together. Her wonderful husband Bo is probably the coolest husband and dad ever. On Saturday night, Amy, Bo and I went out for a "WILD NIGHT ON THE TOWN!!!"

We had one of the best meals I have ever eaten... but we were all so full from eating half of a cow that afterward, we just lumbered around the streets of downtown Seattle, stopped at one more place for a drink while they were closing and then ended up at club Ashkenazy (aka their house) for bed.

This is Samuel.

He is a dark chocolate version of Ben. They are the exact same age and pretty much the same person. They spent much of camp with their noses in their Nintendo DS's, talking about Club Penguin and making baby Naomi say things. They also have some seriously fantastic charade skills.

Then we have Talia Rebecca.

She has my name for a great reason... I LOVE HER! If I were to come up with the perfect daughter, this would be her. Will you take a look at those eyes? You can also count the freckles on her nose. She has 14.
Tali is also a great hairstylist. Look at my pretty do!

I know. You are so jealous. You should be. This picture doesn't begin to do it justice.
Soon after this picture was taken, however, she had to give me a new do because my hair hurt.
Not only is she the most breathtakingly beautiful girl, she also rocks! She plays t-ball, and wears the cutest things. She will put together a pretty dress with tights and then super cool black boots. Sigh. I miss Tali so. I wanted to sneak her into my suitcase but since the suitcase was already 50lbs which is the max, that wouldn't work. Plus her Mommy would miss her.

Last, but surely not least, we have our youngest camper. Naomi.

But you can call her "Nomi". She is delicious!!!!!!!!! She can't say her Y's so every Y word starts with a L. "Lah" "Lellow" Her little legs are so chewy I needed to take a little nibble out of them. I couldn't help it! She has one curl on her forehead and one on the back of her head. She is symmetrically curled.

To say we had fun in Seattle would be a gross understatement. In fact there was a point on Sunday night when I looked at "Nomi" and thought, "how am I supposed to live without this yummy baby and her caramel curls?" I did flirt with the idea to call the airline, push back our tickets, and call in sick to work for the rest of the week. But then I looked at Ben and knew that wouldn't have been fair to Ben who missed his stuffies and his grandparents badly.

Having a close crazy extended family is the best thing in the world. Amy and I have promised that we are not going to let another 4 years go by. We will have Camp Runamukah on a yearly basis. And possibly even a Madison edition this summer!

So dear cousin... this is now posted on "The Internets" so we HAVE to keep this up.

It's in PRINT.


Sheleena said...

First of all, let me comment on your list: share to those that are shorter made me choke on my drink. Tears are still in my eyes from laughing.

The rest: wonderful. So happy you had such a great time and Amy and those kids are beautiful. Little "Nomi" could you leave her behind?!?! Cutie!

amy said...

Oh my goodness, I am now committed to an annual Camp Runamucca (one of the rules of camp is that everyone can spell the name differently!). Officially. You forgot that other rule about eating cookies at every meal and inviting strange people to sit with you at your table in restaurants.
I love the Pike Place pic and your hairstyle photo is just beyond lovely, Rebucca. But that picture of me rivals my cardkey picture... Seriously. Oh, so seriously.

I love that post! I will have to post tonight! For sure, for sure!

Becky said...

Amy, how could I forget about #17! Once I get the photo booth pictures I will have to add him to that post.

And p.s. that picture of you is so cute! Not at all a snaggle tooth bad picture.