Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Math

Becky + 3 large cups of coffee = WOW! It's MONDAY! HELLO! LET'S GET CRACKIN' HERE HUH? YAHOO!

Becky + 3 large cups of coffee also = going to the bathroom every 14.5 minutes

Girlfriends out on the town + camera phone =

Hillary Clinton + Not Backing off and leaving the Presidential race already = MANY disgruntled Democrats including yours truly

Young Boy + too much sugar at a birthday party =

Bored Becky at home + camera phone =

T - 4 days until Seattle = a VERY EXCITED Ben and Becky

See Dad? You had nothing to worry about when I needed a tutor for 11th grade geometry and then I did actually fail logic in college and had to take it again. oops.

But hey! Look at me now!!

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