Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Baby Done All Growed Up

Ben is growing up before my eyes. Last night I looked over the dinner table at my boy as we were talking about the next National Holiday - his 8th Birthday - and I almost got sick. He's going to be EIGHT! That's so close to TEN! He's so big! Where did my baby go?
Just the other day he asked my parents to measure him. They have a wall in their kitchen with every one's heights on it. Sadly mine from childhood has been painted over. I see how I rate. But on there now are all the Madison grandsons.
My mom went into the kitchen to measure Ben while my dad and I were hanging out in the dining room. Soon after we heard my mom exclaim "Oh my god Ben! You have grown so much since August!" Proud Grandpa and I went in to see that indeed young Master Sewell has grown almost 3 inches since August 10th 2007! No wonder all his pants look like Capri's. I said "Wow guy! Did that hurt?!"

The major event that spurred the "I NEED TO BE MEASURED" episode was… dun dun dun… Ben got TIE SHOES! Yes I realize in back in my day there was no other alternative to tie shoes as Velcro wasn't even invented. We had a horse and buggy and I had to walk up hill BOTH ways to school in the freezing rain and snow. Everyday! But these days, ties shoes are for the elite children. Also known as kids whose parents aren't painfully lazy and can't take time away from their blogs and Oprah to teach their kids how to tie their darn shoes.

Things had gotten so desperate that on his 6th birthday, his friend Stella had to tie his bowling shoes for him. Clearly she has one of those "good" mom's.

Finally the whining and pleading from Ben to get tie shoes won over. Also the fact that the little dude is almost 8 and if I didn't teach him to tie shoes, Social Services would be knocking at my door saying "Ma'am, we have a complaint that there is an almost 8 year old boy in this house who reportedly can't ride a two-wheeler bike, doesn't like grilled cheese, won't drink or even taste soda and he CAN'T TIE HIS SHOES! He'll have to come with us."

So again being the very involved supportive and UN-LAZY mother that I am, my parents took him shopping on Friday night while I was out and about on the town. They bought him the coolest TIE SHOES EVER and even taught him to tie his shoes. (Thanks Dad!!!) If you want to stop here and go nominate me for Mother Of The Year Award, please do. I'll be here. Waiting.
Although, hey! I am the one who has documented this major occasion and published it on The Internets for all the world to see. So take that!

Check out that technique?!?!
And nope. You aren't seeing things. You are really witnessing the coolest second grader on the planet.

But Ben? Could you just stop now? Stop growing up. Right now!
I'll buy you a pony!

Love Mom.


Anonymous said...

those are some pretty awesome shoes...

and Becky... i think you are a great mom.

The Foval Girls said...

Yo Becky - I have to make a confession since you called me out as one of those "good" moms.


Rachel and Carrie taught Stella how to tie her shoes. I got too frustrated with her asking where the bunny was going when I was trying to show her the bunny ear technique. Darn questions ALL the

Cute blog! Get your happy hour on already will ya?

amy said...

Wow, those are some truly cool kicks! I laughed out loud, though, reading that blog because just yesterday I took Samuel to get shoes and the kid knows how to tie his shoes, but wanted velcro shoes because he doesn't want to bend over and take the time to tie them. Needless to say, he also got tie shoes!
You are a terrific mom!

Shannon said...

In my school, you weren't cool unless you wore the two Velcro straps crossed in an X. Also, my first grade teacher outlawed Velcro shoes in her classroom because kids kept ripping them open during story time and that was all distracting and stuff.

Ah. Memories.