Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Tortoise and The Hare

Amy has inspired me to get in shape. She just recently started running and when I was in Seattle I saw how much she loves it and how great she feels. Therefore, I will emulate her. I have started a hearty exercise routine. 3 days a week I'm going to the gym, 3 days a week I'll walk and soon to be run. And once I actually get to all those days of continuous exercise, I will definitely let you know.
Yesterday I got to my parents house after work to see if my mom wanted to walk with me. Since she already walked, I was ready to go alone. Until my spry little child said "I'll go with you Mommy!"
"OK great but you have to really move honey. This is Mommy's exercise. No dawdling… OK?"
Out we go. Again I have to remind him to not trail behind. "Remember honey, I really want to get some- "
and he was already off! He ran up to the corner and waited for me.
"Sometimes when I think I'm going to get cold I run!"
I'm all, well this won't last for the whole walk.
Oh so very wrong.
Early on I realized, I am the Tortoise. He is the Hare. Except I wasn't going to win this race.

At the bottom of this huge hill, I prepared myself for the haul up. Ben took off RUNNING. UP. THE. HILL! and again waited for his Tortoise of a mother to huff and puff her way to the top.
Once up there, and onto the next block he called "Race ya to the corner" To which I replied, "OK, I'm coming to get-" And just like that he was already AT the corner, playing with a stick he found and digging up worms.

The child hopped, skipped, ran, twirled and TALKED the whole way of the 45 minute walk. Never ONCE out of breath.
At one point when we were on the bike path and the wind was blowing it's Gail forced winds directly at us. I leaned in, head down, determined to keep going. Stupidly I thought Ben would be behind me doing the same. All the sudden out of the corner of my left eye I see this blur of a 57 lb boy come flying by me arms outstretched shouting something about being the "King of the Wind!" As I muttered to myself "You have GOT to be kidding me. What did this kid eat for lunch?"
When we finally got back to my parents house, he exclaimed "That was fun Mommy! Let's do that again!"

"Hey. How many recesses do you guys have at school?"
"Three! Why?"
"No reason."

Old goal: work out 5-6 times a week, lose 20-30 lbs, feel great, look great, blah blah blah.
New goal: Just keep up with the kid.


amy said...

omg, isn't it just unfair how much energy these kids have?! i think i burn calories just chasing naomi around the house. i'm so psyched that you're doing this! maybe we'll have to make a running date together!

Sheleena said...

I have to get me one of those, kids I mean. It's kind of boring chasing nothing on a treadmill :)....but at least I have my movies.

Leonore Lee said...

LOL! Becky, I am glad to hear you are running! I just started a run program too, hoping to energize my routine with something new. Max has been a great partner. I don't run with him much, a few turns around the block outside of my actual workout... not because I'd out-run him or he'd out-run me, but sadly because of busy schedules. But when I do run with him, he plays an important role: reminding me that Running Is Fun. Ah, to be a child again...