Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sorry! My bad Wisconsin!

When others write letters on their blogs, they have great success.
day 135: Haier is hereby officially redeemed
That does not hold true for Princess Mikkimoto.
Apparently Winter reads The Internets and The Blogs and does NOT have a sense of humor.

Please refer to the forecast in Wisconsin for the next few days:

  • TODAY:Partly sunny and breezy.High: 26Wind: WNW 8-16 MPH
  • TONIGHT:Cloudy with scattered flurries or snow showers.Low: 10Wind: N 7-15 MPH
  • FRIDAY:Mostly cloudy breezy and cold.High: 17Wind: NNE 10-20 MPH
  • SATURDAY:Partly sunny, breezy and very cold during the morning; increasingly cloudy with diminishing winds during the afternoon; (flurries or light snow developing Saturday evening).Low: 0; (morning wind chills: -10 to -20)High: 20

If you need to take a moment to check your calendars, be my guest. But I can tell you with much certainty that it's MARCH not JANUARY! It should be in the 40's not in the ZERO's with a wind chill of -10 to -20!
So I'm sorry Wisconsin. I believe I angered The Winter. I will try to right my wrong.
Dear Winter,
When I said yesterday to "suck it" it really meant You are SO PRETTY!!!
Hugs and Kisses

And as far as Brett Favre goes! That wasn't me! I SWEAR I didn't write him a letter!


Sheleena said...

Gently stroking Winter's hair and face (if it had them)....SO PRETTY...SO SO PRETTY.

Thought I'd help you out a bit in calming winter down because this is getting a bit much now.

Becky said...

Ooh good call! We need all the help we can get.

And who says Winter doesn't have hair and a face? Um, Shelly, he READ my blog.. he HAS to have eyes. DUH!