Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gettin' His (ice cream) Fix, Any Way He Can

Sunday night after dinner with friends, Ben and I were supposed to go to the grocery store as all we had in the house was popcorn, green olives and mustard. "Ben darling! Dinner is ready! We are having your favorite tonight! Mustard olive popcorn casserole. Or MOP as Aunt Shelly calls it"

But since both of us loathe going to the grocery store - hence the dire straights we were in - we chose to go to Dairy Queen instead. I do really like this kid.

On our way home with our ice creams clenched in our paws, Ben said "Grandpa and I used to come to Dairy Queen every time I had a sleep-over. We haven't done that in awhile."

I smiled and replied "Well you should remind him of that honey."

Ben thought and said "Yeah, I will do that tomorrow. We would go get a video and then go to Dairy Queen and get vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and then go home and eat our ice cream while watching the video."

Even typing this now, it makes me smile. Among many other wonderful things, my Dad is the definition of consistency.

I said "You know what? When I was little and Aunt Debby was at her piano lessons, Grandpa would take me to what is now Macy's but was then Gimbel's and they had a restaurant where the boys clothes are now. Grandpa and I would sit at the counter and have the exact same sundae. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce."

Then it dawned on me and I exclaimed "Hey! I think Grandpa is USING us to get his ice cream fix!!!"
Ben laughed and said "Yeah! He's scared to eat ice cream alone so he has to take us with him."

Whatever the reason, thanks Pop for the sundaes and the memories. For both Ben and I.

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Sheleena said...

Isn't it just amazing the memories that our parents give us? And to think, years later, we can look back and have that rush of feeling and love them even more.

Ben's going to have the same thing Becky. You've done great and are going to continue to give him the best memories of his life.