Thursday, April 10, 2008

We Gave Back

Last night I got suckered into watching American Idol Gives Back. Trust me. This show had some serious SUCK YOU IN abilities. It's one of those evil things where you say all cocky like "I'm just going to watch it while I pick up the living room." 2 hours later you are still sitting there, on the couch sucking your thumb and muttering things in a monotone voice like "But Bono is going to be on and he's in AFRICA!"

There we were, Mother and Son sharing some quality time in front of the boob tube. At one point, while tearing up watching these children in Africa dying of Malaria because they didn't have mosquito nets to keep the bugs away, I looked over at Ben. There he was, freshly bathed in his highness's Bath and Body Works bubble bath, wearing his clean and cozy Land's End pajamas while playing his Nintendo DS. To say I had a pang of massive guilt would be putting it mildly. So I said "Hey, I want you to put that down and watch some of this with me. We are VERY fortunate. Look at those poor poor people." So he did. And soon he too got that Scooby Doo hypnotized look, until he snapped out of it and said "MOM! We have to call and give them some money!"

Now normally I'm the "I don't give money just time and blood" type. Really, I am the Red Crosses dream come true. I have 0 neg, and I'm lousy with the stuff. Plus needles don't bother me so every time there is a blood drive at work, I'm one of the first to sign up.
Unfortunately American Idol didn't want my blood. They just wanted my cold hard cash. Or rather my credit card number. And how could I possibly say no since I was getting it from both sides. My own flesh and blood looking up at me with THOSE EYES and then from those darling kids thousands of miles away. They were also giving me The Eyes. My Super Powers don't stand a chance when there are kid's big eyes involved.
Plus the idea of calling and possibly getting to talk to one of the top 12 American Idols was WAY worth the money. I wanted nothing more than to get Brooke White on the phone and say "Look sister, I'm going to give you some cash but first you are going to listen to me and LISTEN GOOD! Get a stylist who isn't on crack and do it soon. oh and p.s. STOP CRYING ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME!"
Well much to our annoyance the lines were busy. All the time! Nice planning Fox. Next time you get Myle Cyrus asking you to call in, get more LINES!
Have no fear! Ryan Seacrest to the rescue! "Folks, if you can't get through on the phone lines you can go to"

So we did. And we gave. Not a lot (as I'm not Simon Cowell for god's sake) but enough for a mosquito net in Kenya. And you know what? It felt really good.

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Kathy said...

Hi, I just found your blog via dooce and you're SO right. American Idole totally sucks you in. Good for you for giving...shows like that definitely make me realize how spoiled my own kids are...and thankful that I can spoil them!