Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Tooth And The Truth Both Came Out

Last night after a very fun time at the UW Varsity Band concert (Thank you again Katie for the extra tickets!) Ben and I got home very late. We were both exhausted. But apparently not tired enough for Ben to pull his loose tooth out.

Keep in mind this is tooth number 8. For teeth 1-4 we made a pretty big deal out of it. Lots of cheering, lots of examining the new hole in his head, and lots of "WOW! What will the Tooth Fairy bring you?!?!"

For number 8 it went like this:

"Mom, my tooth came out!"
"Yeah, and it's bleeding."
"Yeah, that will happen."
"We need to get a bag for the tooth fairy."

Just the thought of doing the do the whole Tooth Fairy business was too much for this tired old mom. I was so not in the mood to have to wait for him to go to sleep, rummage around to find a dollar, stick it under his pillow, take the tooth, etc. And I thought to myself, "you know, this kid is almost eight..."

"Hey Ben? Do you REALLY believe in the tooth fairy?"
He smiles a HUGE GRIN.
"Yeah. I mean she does give me a dollar each time I lose a tooth."
More smiling from the kid.
"Ben? Can I tell you something?"
Now a chuckle from both of us. "Sure!" he says.
"I'd like you to meet the Tooth Fairy!" and I stuck out my hand for a handshake and we both laugh.
He says "I sort of knew it. But where are all my teeth Mom?"
"My top dresser drawer."

So he runs over, digs and starts to pull out little baggies of tiny teeth.

"WOW Mom! That's sorta gross."
"Tell me about it! So I guess the truth is now out."
"How did you get the tooth out from under my pillow and the dollar in?"
"Well, I'm just that good. Oh and hey, don't let this secret out to any of your friends. They might still believe."
He thinks. Then smiles again and says "I won't. So... where's my buck?"

I told my mother this story today and she laughed and said "Pretty soon you are going to be too lazy to do stocking on Christmas and there goes Santa!"

Well the kid IS technically Jewish...


The Foval Girls said...

Oh sad :(

A little dose of reality that just shows that they aren't little for very long, are they? Boo hoo....

Stella still believes in all that jazz and I'm happy to play fairy, Santa, or whatever else as long ask she will still play with me. Soon she'll probably be locking herself in her room with a phone and a diary and turning her nose up at such things...oh, such is life I guess. But for now, I'll just read the little signs around us that remind me to pay attention now while we still have the opportunity to...

Thanks for the share girlfriend.

the mama bird diaries said...

What a cute story.

Sounds like he already knew the truth. Smart kid - still collecting his dollar and all.

I still have my wisdom teeth in a box. That's kind of gross.

Sheleena said...

I can see how this is a little sad, but I think he knew already. Little stinker for still asking for the buck :)

I think I did the same thing though, asked where all my teeth were and told my mom she was gross for keeping them.

Inside was pretty cool.

Becky said...

Last night at my parents house, Ben told my folks I was the Tooth Fairy. My mom said "Ben? Do you think your mom is the Tooth Fairy for EVERYONE or just you?"

He laughed and said "Grandma! JUST FOR ME!"

and then my dad said "I still have your mother's teeth." and they went upstairs and came down with a baggie full of my baby teeth. GROSS yet, aww, thanks Dad!

summerbl4ck said...

sweet. this is so the kind of mom I am. sometimes I feel a little guilty (doesn't everyone) but the kids are alright. ;-) kinda weird about your dad and your baby teeth!

Marketing Mama said...

What an adorably cute and funny story! LOL about your Dad saving your teeth all these years.

(I found you over at Aimee's blog and followed you here).