Friday, April 18, 2008

If You See Me on the Street Today Don't Give Me Your Spare Change

I got to work this morning and innocently went into the bathroom. Just to look in the mirror and realize there was a 50 year old homeless bag lady looking back at me. Which is SO weird because when I left the house this morning I could have sworn I was a GOOOOOD lookin' 30 something hip mama.

What happened from the confides of my loving bedroom and my kind bathroom mirror to now? Are the lights really that bad in the bathroom at work? Or is it that now I'm awake (Thank you Mr. Coffee!) and can see the harsh reality that is me on this fine Friday morning.

When I got dressed this morning and let myself out of the house, was I sober? Was I sane? Was I of sound mind and body? I think not. Although I'm 99.5% sure I'm sober. How did I think that this baggy sweater, went with the t-shirt underneath? And where did these pants fit into the equation? How did I make sense of the necklace that has NOTHING to do with anything I'm wearing. and DO NOT get me started on my choice of socks and shoes. WTF! I'm so What Not To Wear's wet dream today!

The sad thing is, Josh isn't even here today so I truly feel like the Homeless Bag Lady who is not of sound mind and body as I sit in this office all alone talking to my inanimate object friends. "Mr. Coffee Maker? Do you think I'm pretty? How about YOU Mr. Fax Machine. Do these earring go with this necklace? What do you think of my shoes?"

What happened to me this morning? Usually I am fairly well put together. Maybe the earthquake in Southern Illinois DID effect me!

Well at least I know what I'm doing over lunch, now. REDO!


mira said...

This is exactly how I felt on Wednesday, I feel your pain. Hang in there, you'll make it....and the ironic thing will be that I bet someone compliments you on your outfit today...lending even more to the WTF feeling.

Sheleena said...

I compeletely agree with Mira - someone's going to compliment you. I just want to know what the accessories are....Hello Kitty necklace? Transformers pin? Big pretty bow?

How's the makeup? Raccoon eyes? Dark red lipstick?

Do you look like you've been drinking for weeks on end?

I'm sure it's not as bad as you feel.