Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Love Lucy

I have a dog and her name is Lucy.

I'm sure you are all thinking "I didn't know Becky had a dog..."

Well I do.

I mean technically she doesn't live with me and technically I didn't actually buy her or deal with all her puppiness. And technically she lives with my Minneapolis friends, Jen, Clay and Jake.
But Lucy is mine! She knows it. I know it. It's all good.

Lucy is the sweetest. dog. ever. I know there are people out there saying "But but my Fluffy is the sweetest poopy kins ever!" No. Sorry. Fluffy can be number 2 but Lucy is number 1. Trust me on this.

Lucy is not a small girl. Maybe that's why we have such a kinship. Us big girls need to stick together. Her mother was part Polar Bear and her father was part Shetland Pony. And nothing about sweet Lucy is fast. Even her bark, which is rare, is slow and low. "WOOF."

On a different trip up to Minneapolis, when it wasn't SNOWING, I took Lucy on a walk. Before we took off, Jen kindly and softly said "Um, you might want to drop Lucy off at your half way point. I'm not sure she can make it the whole way." No, she isn't 13 with bad hips. She's 5. See? Totally my kind of girl.

Another of the many reasons I love this dog, is that she was instrumental in helping Ben over his fear of dogs. Ben used to be terrified of dogs. Especially big ones. Lucy is a huge pup but so painfully loving and gentle that Ben got over his phobic ways by her being so gentle, slow moving, and not jumping up on him and going all nutty. Now he loves Lucy. In fact on the way home he said "I miss Lucy, Mom." To which I replied, "I know honey. I do too. Soon she will be ours."

I did try to sneak her into the backseat of our car when we left Minneapolis this last weekend, but, again, she doesn't move too fast and didn't pick up on the "Lucy, if you get in the car now I'll give you bacon for the rest of your life!"

The next time I go up there, I'll take Lucy on a walk and just keep on walking. Or if Jen insists on coming (because she does read this blog) I'll just say "Hey Jen! Is that J Lo and Brad Pitt over there selling designer bags for $15 a piece and giving away chips and sour cream!" She'll be so distracted that Lucy and I can just walk away into the sunset. Finally together forever.

(snow photos from Clay Johnston. Check out his beautiful work here.)


Sheleena said...

She looks so soft. I want her to lay down and let me snuggle up to her and use her belly as a pillow.

In fact, I'll help you steal her if you let her be my pillow sometimes.

But then you'll have to return the favor and help me steal a mini-pony :)

Shannon said...

I want Lucy.

Anonymous said...

she looks so sweet