Friday, May 2, 2008

The Crazy Bed

Today at work, a few of us decided to order pizza.

Josh sent out this email:
Here is the pizza plan.
Little Caesar's
1 pepperoni
1 sausage
1 crazy bed = $4.33 per person
sharing it all with work buddies = priceless

Crazy Bread/Crazy Bed. What's the difference really?
I love spell check.
Josh had no idea what was wrong until I wrote back:
I can't wait for the crazy bed! Are we all going to sleep in it or just jump on it?

2 Republicans and 1 Democrat in a Crazy Bed. Priceless!


Sheleena said...

Democrats, Republicans AND don't forget the Little Caesar :)

That e-mail is priceless.

Aw, Josh. Is he blushing?

Anonymous said...

1 crazy bed sounds a lot better than sitting in front of this computer all day with this silly headset on!

hope you enjoyed the pizza.

i thought there were only two of you in the office? who is the second repbulican? you must convert them both in a very timely manner.