Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happily, Some Things Never Change

My friend Emily recently sent me some pictures of Stella and Ben from 2002 - 2003. At first I couldn't stop looking at these pictures and mourning the baby that was gone. I miss that little guy so much, I thought as my ovaries did a little flip.
And then, after another hour of staring at these pictures, I looked at some of my recent pictures and realized, it's still the same kid. He's just taller and a little thinner.

Want proof?

Then: bringing everything from Stella's room out to poor Emily's living room.

Now: and they still love making a huge mess at age 8! Clearly this is what happens when the mothers are too busy talking on the back deck to notice what the kids are doing inside. At least we have the sense to take pictures of it all. Now we can show these to Ben and Stella when they are parents and don't understand why their kids make such messes!

Then: such a sweet messy ice cream face. God that face! I could eat it! Even without the ice cream on it.

Now: the dude still can't eat ice cream without leaving a trace on his bottom lip.

Then: Mommy's boy

Now: I'm so lucky that he still thinks I'm cool and doesn't understand why he can't marry me.

See? Same guy. Just a little older and now he can read and tie his shoes.

But man, I do miss those big chubby cheeks something fierce.


amy said...

Ah, that boy was and still is so delish! I can't wait to see him this summer! You know, your living room will probably look just like that by the time I leave! (LOL! Just kidding--not really)xoxo

Marketing Mama said...

Okay, I totally just teared up reading that. How sweet. :)

The Foval Girls said...

seriously - finding those pictures was something wonderful. In additon to what you wrote about our kids - it brought a BIG tear to my eye - knowing that you and I have really done well. Through the ups and downs (and there have been extremes in both for both of us), we've been able to rise above and raise some really great children who are lovers. They are community-minded, thoughtful, funny, giving, and just plain normal kids and WE haven't yet lost our minds. Beck...I appreciate our friendship through this journey of mamahood - but mostly through this thing called LIFE! I love you my sister, for running through the muck and the milk with me. I can't think of one other person who could have done it as gracefully as you...muah.


zeghsy said...

great thing about him, he may not be able to marry you, but he's definitely going to find a fabulous person, JUST LIKE YOU!, to spend the rest of his life with. :) way to go becky!