Friday, June 20, 2008

The Last Supper

Life is hectic and people seem to get busier and busier everyday. If you aren't careful you can lose sight of the important things in life. Like the one thing that makes life bearable and sane: girlfriends!

My two great girlfriends, Shelly and Richelle (or the "Sha Sha's" as my mom likes to call them) and I get together monthly for what we call the "R.S.R Dinner." (Richelle, Shelly and Rebecca. Get it? Yes, Becky is short for Rebecca. Can we move on now?)

We always have it at my place because I'm the only one that has one of those "kid things" and what can I say, he likes to have me around.
We do however switch up who brings what course; main dish, dessert and wine. Of course wine has it's own category. Duh!

I savor these nights. It's just some quality time to laugh, catch up on gossip without having to stave off all the men who flock to us like moths to a flame when we are out and about (oh how I wish that was true...).
Sometimes we have guest appearances. One time Richelle's roommate joined and once we had a guy (gasp!), our friend Wyatt, crash the party.
But it's always been at least the three of us.

Sadly this was our last one for awhile. Richelle decided (while not of sound mind or body I'm sure) to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas in early July. While Shelly and I are very happy for her, selfishly we are miserable. She will be missed deeply.

So until she comes to her senses and realizes she can't live without us and the challenge that is Wisconsin in the winter, we are taking applications for another member of our dinner group. The only stipulation is your name must begin with the letter with "R". Or, if you are really great but your name is Jessica, we reserve the right to rename you. We really don't want to be left with just a B.S. dinner.

I miss you already Richelley. Come home soon.


Sheleena said...

With tears in my eyes - I love you both deeply.

amy said...

Do I have to live in Madison? How about someone named Ramy?

Tenakim said...

Nice to meet you... I don't know how I got here, but your profile intrigued me as a not ordinary mom- that's how I am, too!