Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Raining Cats and Dogs and Birds and Zebras and...

Here in Wisconsin we have been a little water logged as of late.

I'm sure the people who's home was washed away by Lake Delton don't appreciate my light tone on this subject. .

But I'm just blown away, again no pun intended to anyone who was caught in the recent tornadoes, by this weather.
Yesterday at work we got emails like this:

The hospital is under a tornado warning. Please move to your tornado safe space. Right now the warning is scheduled to end at 3:45 PM.

To be honest I just said "huh, weird..." and kept on working. Until a woman came into my office and said "I'm sorry Becky, but you have a window so we need you to leave your office." Yeah. That is not OK. Granted no one was very scared, as we have all grown up with tornado threats and severe thunderstorms. But I have to say I have never been escorted out of my office for fear of me getting sucked out the window by whirling wind. As we were walking out she said "I know this is annoying. I have a ton of work to do too. " and I said "Well, thanks for saving my life."

At 5:15 we got another email saying there was another tornado warning and to seek shelter. I didn't get that one until this morning because I was out of the office on the way to pick up Ben. Nothing says "FUN!" or "Please insert large quantities of wine in me" like driving through tornado sirens and a downpour.

In all seriousness, this early summer season has been terrible for our community and surrounding areas. Homes have been washed away, major interstates closed, eight tornadoes touched down yesterday alone and even whole towns and streets flooded.

I guess it could be worse. We could be in Siberia, er I mean Seattle where it's 48 degrees in June.
I will do everyone a favor and NOT write a letter to summer as that just seems to make the seasons around here more furious and not better. So instead, if you know a place that could use a little rain, let me know and I'll get out my airport traffic controller wands (yes, I have some. So?) and point the rain in their direction.
"This way... oop sorry not here... that way... go that way. Go THAT way. Buh bye now..."

Next week is supposed to be dry and sunny. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


amy said...

Hey Rain... Stay away from Siberia, I mean Seattle! I mean it!
Eeek, sorry to hear that nasty weather has come your way. And that tornado was right during happy hour, too!

Sunshine said...

the constant need to go to a "tornado shelter" was so annoying last night. 4 trips from 4th floor of our building to the basement. why couldnt anyone make up their mind!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

ugh. I hope the weather improves for you!

Pete Dunn said...

I once got caught in a tornado storm when driving across Iowa with my girls. We ended up in a line of cars ON TOP of an overpass while the hail pelted the RV we were driving across the country.

Just then, the oldest daughter had to poop. I was being paid to drive the RV back to Utah where it was to be sold as new. So we couldn't use the toilet.

So I had to hold a plastic bag out the open passenger door while she pooped in it.