Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Perhaps The "Where Do Babies Come From" Conversation Would Be Easier

Ben: Mom?

me: Yep?

Ben: So someone made up the story about the Tooth Fairy. That's obvious.

Oh god no. Please don't let this be "is the big jolly old guy in the red suit real" conversation!

Ben: So... maybe someone just made up Santa too.

me: Hey do you want hot lunch tomorrow or do you want me to make you a lunch?

Ben: I mean no one has really SEEN Santa, right Mom?

me: We have fresh strawberries I could put in your lunch.

Ben: Mom! Are you even listening?

Listening but trying very hard to avoid and change this subject. Must get train off track...

me: Ok well someone had to have seen him in order to tell the story and pass it down from generation to generation. Right?

Ben: Who did? Who saw him?

What in the hell is a nice Jewish girl like me doing defending Chris Kringle to an 8 year old!? How did I get here?

me: Ooh how about some dessert!

Ben: OK but Mom?

me: Yeah?

Ben: Maybe Santa isn't real.

You know what? NO! Thanks to my laziness he already lost the Tooth Fairy, he just turned 8, he's going into 3rd grade. No! I get to keep this a little longer.

me: Well honey, I choose to believe in Santa. Because, I just want to.


Ben: Yeah. Me too! I believe! And Mom?

me: Yeah?

Ben: I'll have ice cream.

Whew! Thanks to me, Santa, you are safe again. You owe me fat man! The ring size is 8.


Sheleena said...

Wow! Restored belief in Santa AND ice cream in one night. He's one lucky little kid!

Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer said...

haha ... my son is now 13 and he just stopped believing last year. Yes - we were THAT good ;-)

I refused to answer his questions simply saying, I choose to believe in Santa and it's up to you whether or not you do too. We went to the ends of the earth to keep the secret alive - including writing letters that only Santa would know about ... getting something that he never mentioned to us that he wanted (but we knew he did because he told Grandma) ... it wasn't easy. Especially when his friends thought he was nuts for still believing - hahahah That took SKILL I tell ya ;-)

zeghsy said...

i think my monkey has caught on. but she's such a pal, she's not letting mum know she knows. so i'm not letting her know that i know she knows.


can i have some ice cream too? please!

Kellan said...

Great save, Mom! What a darling conversation - I loved it!

I'm Kellan - nice to meet you. SEe you soon.

Marketing Mama said...

I like how you tried to avoid answering - I think they call that "redirecting" in "parent speak."

p.s. thanks for the link to my blog!!! :)

amy said...

Wow, your diversion was crazy clever. I could learn a thing or two from you!