Monday, June 9, 2008

Single In The City

People often ask me if I'm dating anyone. Or why I'm still single. And my response is always "Nope. Not dating anyone... just haven't found him yet..."

As much as I love Madison, sadly, it does not contain the greatest pool of eligible, cute, single SMART guys.
When I do find a great one, all of the single female population in Madison is clamoring for the same guy so odds are, my chances aren't that great.

More often than not I get responses to my personal ad from guys who are probably just the sweetest things and will make some girl very happy. But that girl isn't me.

We all know now about my current pet peeve in regards to grammar and basics of the English language. So when I see fellas that can't even get the spelling right in their headlines, it's pretty much a quick "no."

Therefore when I got this email yesterday, I first shook my head in utter confusion and then laughed. Then I cried, rocked in the fetal position as I sucked my thumb and looked for jobs and apartments in Chicago.

"Hi Becky I like to get to know about you .. I am very simple guy noting special working hard to have best things in life filling alonley some times because I like to have social friends spend quality time and have fun.. I have 9 years old wonderful kids ,I spend most time with her swimming actiwitiy , lots a fun so not much . rest work,work is keine boring some times . I like to know what you like to do? Talk to soon ...M"

If anyone can decipher what he is saying, I'll give you a cookie. A REALLY BIG COOKIE!
I'm truly hoping English isn't his first language. Needless to say we won't be "Talk to soon"

When Charlotte in Sex and the City said "Where is he!? I have been waiting for 15 years!! I'm TIRED already." I feel her pain.

I write this blog so that when people ask me "Why is such a great gal like you single?" I can refer them to this post and say "THIS is why people. THIS. IS. WHY."


love256 said...

Sometimes lack of good grammar/spelling skills is profoundly made up for in other skill areas....just a thought to ponder ;)

The Foval Girls said...

Ok, maybe love256...but I am seriously concerned at men who think a professional, gorgeous, and woman like Becky would even consider responding to someone who can't put ONE paragraph together. Yikes! If you are talking about talents of the physical nature - don't forget, we have tools and can easily do that ourselves! It's the bonus material in the DVD that sells the damn thing!

The Foval Girls said...

duh, emotional ritting dere...i forgot an ajective. I ment...

a professional, gorgeous, and witty woman like Becky...

:) heeheheheheeee

Shannon said...

Aw. You should talk with him. He's alonley.

Marketing Mama said...

LOL at Shannon. I remember that scene on SATC, totally. I hope that guy speaks english as a second language. So do you have your "kiss face" photo (on the right...) on your personal ad?

Becky said...

Shannon, he's filling alonely. Poor guy.

and Marketing, yes I do... it's not my main one but it's one of them. Why? Do I look like someone who doesn't speak The English well while kissing?

love256 said...

Whoa, simmer down 'the foval girls', just wanted to stand up for the guy a little bit as I’m happily married to a man with admittedly less than excellent written grammar skills. I’d hate to see a professional, gorgeous and witty woman such as Becky miss out on a potentially great guy…and if you find out he plays the banjo with his feet and has 2 teeth... well, that’s another post for another day.

zeghsy said...

that wasn't "less than excellent written grammar skills." that was downright awful.

darlin' you're from madison! yay! good to meet another "G&D" (to quote another fav blogger). the competition around here is fierce. and it doesn't help one bit, when the decent men would rather choose the less than desirable (read: young, dumb and full of... oh keep it p.g. zeghs) girls. *sigh* two down in less than a week, in my case.

Sarah said...

Oh honey, I so get where you're coming from. Girls like us remain single because there aren't guys that are good enough. I'm a grammar whore in online dating, too.

If they don't know the difference between: your and you're, then chances of them getting in my pants is a big fat zero.