Monday, March 31, 2008

Why God Created Girlfriends

Over email today at work:

Becky: My stomach is very, ah, bubbly today!
Shelly: Uh-oh. Did you eat a battery? (after I told her about a 3 yr old who ate a battery)
Becky: No but I had a Diet Pepsi Max and some Peeps! Which is a recipe for a very bubbly tummy!
Shelly: Oh my God. I just pictured them swelling in your tummy as they float in the carbonated pool. Bright pink and yellow expandable birds with their little black eyes getting larger and larger.
Becky: and them saying in muffled voices "peep! PEEP!!!"
Shelly: Bumping up against one another….
Becky: If you think this isn't going to be a blog post you are so wrong!

Diet Pepsi - $1.25
Peeps on clearance at Walgreen's - $.25
Telling your best friend about the bizarre noises your stomach is making after eating such disgusting items and having her TOTALLY UNDERSTAND - PRICELESS

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Sheleena said...

LMAO! I still can't get the picture out of my head. Maybe it's because I saw The Perfect Storm this weekend. Poor little things must've been terrified.