Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lost 4 pounds and 2 sizes

My little guy has some serious hair. You would have thought I mated with a horse, as his hair is almost the consistency of a mane. It is crazy thick. I could bet all the money I had that every time we get his hair cut, the stylist will say something to the effect of "wow, he has a lot of hair" Yep. He does. Thanks for pointing that out. Would you also like to point out that Brett Favre retired or that the sun is shining?

Ben hates to have his hair cut because he so badly wants to look like this guy. In case you aren't familiar with the stud muffin below, this is Anakin Skywalker
The thing is, Ben's hair grows UP not DOWN. And it's just so massive who knows what creatures might be living in there. Also I think it almost starts to distort his head. Makes it look like he has this HUGE mushroom head. And trust me, his head is big enough that he doesn't need any help of the hair.

It had finally gotten to the point that something needed to be done.
This is the BEFORE shot:

And this is after:

(he's pointing at his hair in this picture, not the ghost like thing that showed up. CREEPY!)

He looks less than pleased. But trust me, I'm thrilled. I have my kid back.

Speaking of hair cuts, my mom and I are off to Chicago today to partake in my nephew Mendel's 3 year old haircutting ceremony or Upshernish as it's called. This is one of those times that I love Google because instead of me trying to explain it, you can read about it here!

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