Thursday, June 5, 2008


*the following conversations were overheard during a recent play date between Ben and his long time buddy Dhruv. Just one of the awesome things about having a loft. Sound carries but the kids can't see me.

Dhruv: Are you in love with a girl?
Ben: NO! Are you?!
Dhruv: Yes.
Ben: Well why don't you marry her?
Dhruv: Because she doesn't really like me.

Ben: Do you believe in the tooth fairy?
Dhruv: No!
Ben: (very excited) Me neither! My mom told me it wasn't real when I lost my last tooth.
Dhruv: Well one time, when we were in India, I lost a tooth and I waited up all night for the tooth fairy. And then my mom came in and put a dollar under my pillow. That's how I knew.

Ben: I got two weapons and I ain't afraid to use either one of them. But this one is broke. (laughs)
Dhruv: How do you use this?
Ben: That's a good question. It needs arrows but ah, I don't know where they are. I'm going to shoot at the target.
Dhruv: What are targets?
Ben: Things you shoot at. Duh!
Dhruv: I thought targets were just stores.
Ben: I'm going to shoot the balloon.
me: NO! Ben! Stop shooting things. Hey guys why don't you watch Ben's new Harry Potter movie?
Dhruv: No, I do not like Harry Potter.
Ben: Too bad so sad Mom.
It was then that I realized I need to get off my butt and take these Wild Things outside. I'm pretty sure I heard the plants breathe a sigh of relief as the door closed behind us.

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